Useful links

Why WPF ?

Why WPF ( VS 2010 UI will be on WPF)

WPF Tutorials



Button template

About Media element control


About Media element control audio bug

Control template sample

Custom window

List View with edit rows

Multi column listview -- row dragging

Treeview drag and drop

List view with two or more columns

Sortable ListView

ListView header click event

List View data Binding Update

How to right align text in a listview ?

How to handle Ctrl+O

Link label


User control


WPF testing

Splash screen

Control "Z Order" of windows within WPF Application

Disable mousewheel scrolling

How to remove underline from Hyperlink and change the color of the link

Automatic increment build number

Get assembly file version

UI style guide

Funny samples

Wpf designer hot fix

Useful Book

I use Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (WPF) by Adam Nathan. It helps me very well. Great book! You can free download it source code here.

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