WPF improvement

What do I need in work with WPF (based on my experience with WPF 3.5)
  • I need xaml refactoring
  • TreeView and ListView item replacement by drag and drop
  • TreeView and ListView item editing by mouse click
  • Get Media Info about duration and codec info and type of file
  • Work with icons ( graphics resources ) as I work at winform.
  • Debug visual Tree using debugger

I find very interesting opinion about WPF 5.0

My list of things I wish. The first and the second point are really important to me.
  • Make WPF and Silverlight API equals: Same API, same controls, perspective /composite transforms, web cams.
  • Improve performance. Here are the points:
    • Animations are not fluid when Updating the UI from a background thread for example.
    • On scrolling, when the VirtualizingPanel needs to create items, it does not scroll smoothly.
    • If a double thread is a good choice for Silverlight on the Windows Phone, why not use the same principle in WPF. Might be interesting in the background of the WPF platform, to allow DispatcherObject to be accessed by more than one thread.
  • Add Blending Modes.
  • Make MarkupExtension a DependencyObject and add SetResourceReference available to DependencyObject.
  • Add DynamicResource support to the Style BasedOn property so we can used it in different ResourceDictionaries.
  • Nice to have : Implement "Smooth Scrolling" with deceleration on the ScrollViewer. Either use a Behavior or directly on the ScrollViewer.
  • Make the WPF toolkit compatible with WPF 4! I need the AutoCompleteBox.
  • Complete the new System.Xaml API. We need support for Attached Properties (those in WPF).
  • Nice to have : Add support for rendering WPF content as a Video.
  • Fix the Maximize window when using having no WindowState. The Window should behave like all other window and not overlapping the TaskBar.
  • Integrate Xna and Wpf. Xna is faster than Wpf in some scenarios like games, particle effects. We can also achieve blending mode in Xna.


And other guy advices :
  • Add .Sort() on ObservableCollection.
  • Add .AddRange() on ObservableCollection.
  • Add a TimePicker so the Calendar control can be really usefull :-)

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